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We bridge your Recruitment across borders!

We bridge your Recruitment
across borders!


Together we make your recruitment successful!

Opening up new markets is an exciting and challenging adventure. For this you need the right people at your side!

Thanks to our many years of in-house experience in the German and Dutch labor market as well as recruitment experience worldwide, we are your partner in cross-border recruitment and employer marketing.

We support you operationally in filling key positions and in establishing culturally adapted recruitment processes in order to present your unique employer brand in the market.

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What we do

An important key position in your company needs to be filled promptly? The department in need and HR can face serious straits if there are no suitable candidates in sight and there is no time to proactively tackle the market. Especially when it comes to cross-border searches.

We offer you support with direct placement of specialists and executives in order to remedy short-term bottlenecks. But our work goes far beyond the services of typical recruiters:

From a detailed kick-off interview to really understand the requirements of the position, we are at your side throughout the whole process. We stay in contact, work fully transparent and reserve time exclusively for you and our project!

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“The only way to do
great work is to love what
you do.”

Steve Jobs


What makes us different

We know that every project is different, because each company has other needs. Thanks to our many years of international in-house experience in various companies and corporations, we know how to tailor our highly efficient processes to find the right employees for you – quickly and individually.

We always keep an eye on the latest apps, tools, hacks and developments – because we learn from the best and are happy to share our knowledge with you!

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Who We are

Laura Fritz-Wilde

Laura Fritz-Wilde

Managing Partner
+49 (0)176 30 54 1665

Cathrin Eggers

Cathrin Eggers

Managing Partner
+49 (0)172 43 71 321


What customers say

Auke Swinkels, Director HR

“Laura was of a very pro-active and professional support when we entered the German market. She is very knowledgable, reliable and has a broad experience in HR. Besides finding the right people which fit our culture she was also supportive in general HR topics and a linking pin between the Dutch and German colleagues. She played a big role in getting things structured, more efficient and shared her knowledge in a constructive way. Besides that she very pleasant to work with! A big thank you!”

Jochen Ulrich, Geschäftsführer

“Cathrin hat uns absolut professionell durch den Recruiting-Prozess zum Wunschkandidaten geholfen. Beeindruckend war, wie schnell wir eine sehr große Auswahl an fachlich passenden Profilen hatten. Bei der Auswahl haben wir uns daher dann umso intensiver mit den jeweiligen Charakteren auseinandersetzen können, was am Ende langfristig das Entscheidende ist.”

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