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We bridge your Recruitment to Germany

Deko Raster

Would you like to build a team in Germany or expand your existing team in the German market?

We support you operationally and conceptually in filling important key positions and help you to develop and establish culturally adapted recruiting processes.

Do you want to fill a key position - promptly and with the right match?

We invest our time for a thorough understanding of our customers' needs at the start of every project before we follow a structured, yet individually tailored process that leads to success in a timely and sustainable manner.

Due to the very close exchange with our customers, the search is continuously optimized in the course of the process. The candidates are more suitable thanks to the intelligent search with structural touchpoints.

Thanks to our many years of in-house HR and recruitment experience, we understand the challenges of our customers particularly comprehensively, and can thus identify, select and win the right candidate for your key position - in teamwork with you.

Our way of working shortly explained with a picture:

recruiting practice
recruiting practice recruiting practice

Our Approach!


We believe in the value of sustainable relationships, which is why we work in a highly transparent, personal and binding manner with our customers and candidates.


When we accept a challenge, we stick with it until the job is filled or the project is completed, and that with great passion.


The success of our customers is important to us - not just our own! We build on long-term relationships and thus pursue an honest and authentic approach.

Believe. Burn. Build.

About us

Laura Fritz-Wilde

Cathrin Eggers

born at the Niederrhein

born in Hamburg

12 years in the Netherlands

2 years USA and UK



since 2019

That's us

Laura Fritz-Wilde

Managing Partner

Cathrin Eggers

Managing Partner

Friederike Jabs

Marketing Expert

Christine Peters

Recruitment Expert

Where we are located

Tree 6

Embedded in the ecosystem of the Factory Campus, Düsseldorf’s innovative and creative co-working environment in Düsseldorf, we are surrounded by people who pursue their goals with great passion.

This environment inspires us to let go of today’s job profiles and think about the opportunities of tomorrow.

Do you dare, too?

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We are looking forward to meeting you!

hello@bridgingneighbours.com +49 (0)211 16360103