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Laura Fritz-Wilde

Cathrin Eggers

born at the Niederrhein

born in Hamburg

12 years in the Netherlands

2 years USA and UK



since 2019

Believe. Burn. Build.

Our Approach!


We believe in the value of sustainable relationships, which is why we work in a highly transparent, personal and binding manner with our customers and candidates.


When we accept a challenge, we stick with it until the job is filled or the project is completed, and that with great passion.


The success of our customers is important to us - not just our own! We build on long-term relationships and thus pursue an honest and authentic approach.

At home in the heart of Düsseldorf

Embedded in the ecosystem of the Factory Campus, Düsseldorf’s innovative and creative co-working environment in Düsseldorf, we are surrounded by people who pursue their goals with great passion.

This environment inspires us to let go of today’s job profiles and think about the opportunities of tomorrow.

Do you dare, too?

Factory Campus

Deko Raster

How can we help you?

We are looking forward to meeting you!

hello@bridgingneighbours.com +49 (0)211 16360103

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