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Defining an Employer Value Proposition

A practical example of the development of an employer value proposition - the heart of every authentic employer brand!

The Situation

Our customer is an international company that, at the beginning of our project, was about to move as a business unit from one cooperation to another. This phase offered the opportunity to identify its own unique identity as an employer in order to be able to differentiate itself in future employer branding campaigns internally and externally.

The Assignment

The foundation of every employer brand is the employer value proposition - a unique mixture of different attributes and values ​​that are brought to life by means of individual stories and images of the employees.

Together with the employees at 4 international locations and the management board, we were asked to formulate this perfect mix for the business unit and to illustrate the value proposition in a condensed guidebook for further use and the development of the employer brand by HR and marketing.

The Approach

By use of qualitative in-depth interviews and interactive employee workshops, we have developed the different clusters of the employer brand and circled the customer-specific attributes and values. The lively and sometimes very personal examples from the everyday work of the employees from the various international locations gave an authentic picture of the current identity, each with a local flavor.

This exercise was followed by the management workshop. We were able to compare the current situation with the strategy and future direction of the company in the new setting. In this way, we were able to ensure that the company's growth potential is also integrated into the definition of the employer value proposition and that there is broad recognition of employees and management with their own EVP.

Finalizing this project, our customer received a high-quality guidebook of his individual employer value proposition, which serves as the heart of the operational development of employer branding activities and campaigns. Building on the company's own attributes and values, the individual stories and perceptions of employees and managers are visible internally and externally. This contributes internally to a greater identification with the employer and underlines the individuality of the company in the external job market in order to attract the right talents more precisely.