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Our Recruitment Ecosystem

Recruit like a pro using an intuitive Applicant Management System and professional recruiting processes - with a reasonable investment!

The Recruitment Ecosystem

Would you like to be found and recognized as a professional and attractive employer? Would you like to attract applicants and candidates yourself in compliance with data protection regulations, manage them, provide reliable information and always have an overview of the status quo? Then our Recruitment Ecosystem is the ideal entry-level package for you - with a reasonable investment!

We help you setting up a professional, technology-based solution (Applicant Tracking System), which is the heart of your recruiting. In addition, we support you in creating your career page and preparing attractive job advertisements so that you can successfully administer your recruiting processes yourself with a manageable amount of effort.

With our Recruitment Ecosystem you get an Applicant Management System that...

  • includes an upstream career page that fits seamlessly into your web presence
  • adjusts with your growth
  • manages your applicants and candidates in compliance with data protection regulations
  • guarantees an excellent candidate experience during the entire process
  • provides you with time-saving and clear recruiting processes
  • supports you in building valuable talent pools

.... at a very reasonable investment!

Practical Example

Our customer is a successful biotech start-up that was in the growth phase after the 2nd investment round.

A large number of growth-critical positions had to be filled in a short period of time. Meanwhile, the hiring process had to be shouldered by the founder and a few employees. Efficient, intuitive processes and a modern and meaningful external appearance were needed in order to master this challenge.

The Approach

We started with a kick-off workshop to define content, timelines, responsibilities, technical details and expectations with the customer. Then we moved on to the employee survey phase in order to get to know the different roles and the corporate culture.

We were able to finalize our drafts for the career page and job descriptions together with the management in a few feedback loops. At the same time, we integrated the Applicant Management System in order to then set up the backend, frontend and the various templates (for example standard confirmation messages for incoming applications). Together with the company's IT staff, we ultimately ensured seamless integration into the existing website.

Our goal was that our customer could be self-sufficient in his recruitment activities and in administering his new processes and systems, so the training of the responsible employees was part of the project scope.

recruitment ecosystem

The Result

The Recruiting Ecosystem is now completely handed over to our customer, he is visible on the job market, data protection compliant and scores with professional processes for an optimal candidate experience!

The start-up now has an attractive career page, optimally embedded in the company's overall website with linguistically optimized job advertisements and a clear overall description of the employer

Job advertisements can be shared in other networks with just a few clicks and the company optimizes the number of incoming applications through improved visibility.

The backend enables employees to manage the recruiting process independently and efficiently and to establish talent pools for further growth in addition to current vacancies. The professional communication, controlled from the tool, can be viewed by all authorized employees at any time and compliance with the GDPR guidelines is ensured at all times.