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Do you want to fill a key position - promptly and with the right match?

We invest our time for a thorough understanding of our customers' needs at the start of every project before we follow a structured, yet individually tailored process that leads to success in a timely and sustainable manner.

Due to the very close exchange with our customers, the search is continuously optimized in the course of the process. The candidates are more suitable thanks to the intelligent search with structural touchpoints.

Thanks to our many years of in-house HR and recruitment experience, we understand the challenges of our customers particularly comprehensively, and can thus identify, select and win the right candidate for your key position - in teamwork with you.

Our way of working shortly explained with a picture:

recruiting practice
recruiting practice recruiting practice

Customers have asked our support for these positions:

  • CFO - Consumer Goods
  • Head of Finance and Controlling - Consumer Goods
  • Global Head of HR - Consumer Goods
  • Senior Sales Manager DACH - SCM SaaS Scale-up
  • Global Head of Sales - Consumer Goods
  • Global Head of Marketing - Consumer Goods
  • COO - Digital Consulting & Company Builder
  • Business Unit Manager Germany - Safety Solutions
  • Chief Science Officer - Life Science
  • Branch Manager Benelux - Traffic and Security Solutions
  • HR Manager - Retail
  • International Pre-Sales Manager - Retail SaaS
  • Service Manager North Europe - Retail SaaS
  • Supply Chain Manager - Consumer Goods
  • Strategic Alliance Manager - SCM Saas Scale-up
  • Customer Success Manager - E-Commerce SaaS Start-up
  • Expansion Manager Germany - Retail
  • Head of Sales - Fintech
  • Principal - Digital Consulting & Company Builder

We can also support you in these Recruiting and Employer Branding topics

Career Page Design

We embed your career page optimally in the overall appearance of your company and at the same time design it for the target group of your future employees.

Recruiting Ecosystem

We are implementing our recruiting ecosystem for you, THE entry-level package if you want to be found and recognized as a professional and attractive employer - with a reasonable investment!

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Job Advertisement Management

We create and optimize your job advertisement - away from standard phrases and towards your own distinctive identity - geared towards the target group of your advertisement and the channel you want for your hire!

Creation of Talent Pools

We support you in creating talent pools for your future key positions and thus give you a decisive lead.

Competency-based Interviews

We enrich your decision-making basis as a supplement to your selection methods or for the purpose of selective, professional second opinion in a setting that is critical to success.

Development of Your Employer Value Proposition

We work with you to develop the heart of your individual and authentic employer brand and thus increase your internal recognition value and external uniqueness.

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Inhouse Recruiting Training

We pass on our knowledge and train your HR team or your management team in interview or sourcing techniques - tailored to your needs and your level of knowledge.

Meeting Options

We offer you our representative business rooms and meeting options for your confidential job interviews in the best location in Düsseldorf, including free parking spaces and complete infrastructure.

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Would you like to know more?

We introduce you to projects that we have implemented together with our customers - very practical, transparent and understandable.

Defining an Employer Value Proposition

Our Recruitment Ecosystem

You can find more case studies here
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