Free Hacks for Recruitment in Times of New Work
12 Jun 2019

Free Hacks for Recruitment in Times of New Work

Finding and winning new employees is expensive

12 Jun 2019

Finding and winning new employees is expensive – and then there is the lack of skilled professionals… So you have no chance? Wait! You can do a lot to make potential new employees aware of your business and eventually even win them over.

As so often in life, it does not help burying one’s head in the sand and blaming the circumstances: The work has to be done, skilled professionals are needed – no matter what. Just because you do not (yet) know how to do that does not mean it’s impossible.

We recently invited to the first LAURITZ SOLUTIONS LEARN@LUNCH in our office to share a few free hacks for recruitment. Around a dozen interested company representatives from our co-working space Factory Campus in Dusseldorf attended – and we are already looking forward to the next event when we talk about “Career Sites – Candidate Experience to the MAX”.

# Hack 1: Create free Company Profiles

An own career page should be maintained by every company – so far so good. But what about the presentation of the company outside of its own website?

Indeed offers a very interesting possibility. With Indeed you can present your company with an own free company profile – including photos, videos and texts. In addition, your employees can rate the company so that candidates get a full picture as soon as they come across your business on Indeed.

In addition to that, you can use your Indeed company profile for free Indeed ads! Above that you can get paid ads at entry level price which can give your ad an extra boost.

And please: Do not be put off by too much transparency! Not being transparent is not an alternative when looking for the right candidates – so you have nothing to lose!

A good example of an Indeed company page is provided by our customer Swapfiets:

swapfiets indeed


XING and LinkedIn also have the opportunity to create a company profile for free and to fill it with relevant employer content. Employees can now connect with your company. The advantage of LinkedIn: In every personal profile of your employees your company logo will appear and offer further visibility.

If your employees are now adding the fact that your company is looking for employees (“We are hiring!”) in their profiles, you have won a lot – without spending a single cent. Why your employees should do that? Because you hopefully have a good relationship with them and they are happy to do it. And because it secures and strengthens their own job when your company wins more skilled professionals!

Hack #2: Expand Networks

The beauty of the internet is that you can join a bubble for every interest you have. For example, you can join groups on Facebook, XING or LinkedIn that are based on your specific industry. Many of these groups offer members the opportunity to share job offer and represent your company by taking part in discussions.

Yes, it does cost some time, because experience has shown that many companies and agencies share job postings. On the other side: The more you stand out with valuable content and supporting comments the more you can show the personality and DNA of your company. And with that you will be amongst only few others.

Slack you may know as an internal chat tool, but Slack can do much more! There are public slack chat groups for a variety of topics that you can join. And if you do not find yourself in this list, you may set up your own group and make yourself visible to potential candidates. Since Slack does not actively advertise this function, you can assume that you will only get to know technically talented candidates. is a marketplace for regional meetings everyone can offer and attend. You can host a so-called Meetup and also represent your company with its own profile – and gain visibility.

Meetup brings us to:

Hack #3: Take advantage of Events

Meetup not only offers you to be more visible through your company profile – the idea is that you invite potential candidates to your events. Via, your event will automatically be seen by a large audience and thus reach many possible candidates.

XING offers a similar possibility: You can set up events for free and invite your contacts directly. A cross-reference to your company website or employer XING-profile allows you to increase visibility once again.

The same opportunity you have on Facebook. Your event will be conveniently pinned right at the top of your company profile and if you want to invest a little bit of money you can even advertise it to your target group of candidates.

Events are a great way to introduce potential new employees to your business. The events can either be focused on subject-specific topics and thus attract the right target group – as sipgate in Dusseldorf does it so well – or it can be candidate-specific events, such as candidate-lunches, as our customer Picnic regularly offers.


An event works for you in several ways and therefore is a wonderful opportunity to reach many potential candidates with little or no budget!

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