The Career Page – Candidate Experience to the MAX!
22 Jul 2019

The Career Page – Candidate Experience to the MAX!

As the need for new employees increases,

22 Jul 2019

As the need for new employees increases, the pressure on the company’s own career page suddenly becomes huge. But how can the career page be optimised successfully?

Writing a couple of new texts, exchanging a few pictures and hoping that the right employees will come around eventually is like putting on a new costume in figure skating because the double Rittberger does not work properly: it is not completely out of scope, but it is way too short-sighted! When the career page has been updated – but the success is missing after all – you will know.

But what can you do instead?

The career page stands quite on its own in many companies and is rather detached from the overall context. This is a pity, because ideally it should be softly embedded in the middle of a complete ecosystem, providing potential new employees with a coherent overall experience.

1. The Foundation: The Employer Value Proposition

To find out what a career page is supposed to be talking about in the first place, it is necessary to work out the company’s existing DNA: What makes it special for the employees to work here? What makes it unique and attractive for potential new employees?

Without doing this homework, the texts on the career page can not get any individual substance. That is the reason why so many career pages use the same buzz words and lame texts that stay on the surface.

The DNA has to be nailed down to understand what makes the company unique – and sets it apart from others.

2. The structure: Communication of the Employer Brand

After defining the Employer Value Proposition, it gets serious: How does the company want to be perceived as an employer? Which aspects of the EVP should be in the focus, what message will be brought into the world and which channels will be used?

The communication strategy is based on these decisions and, among other things, the texts and the structure of the career page are resulting from it. The potential new employee who is now visiting the career page will feel personally addressed because there is a strong distinction to other career page.

The interest is aroused, the career page successfully becomes a magnet for suitable applicants.

3. The process: The technology behind the Career Page

There is still a long way to go between the initial interest of a potential new employee and the signed contract! When everything worked out so far, the applicant has now understood the DNA of the company and would like to apply. Once again, the chaff separates from the wheat in terms of the career page: Is it an intuitive snap to apply – or a farce with login fields and applicant management system crashes?

If the application is to be sent to an e-mail address, the e-mail program must be opened first. Not really a “one-click application” and the idea that applications are handled via an e-mail inbox may rise speculations about the duration of the process.

A simple, cloud-based ATS (Applicant Tracking System) can remedy this cost-effectively and, when integrated into the career page, reduce the application process to the minimum effort. In addition, it can map all processes – from the automated confirmation to the processing status up to the storage of all documents and notes for each applicant – all in one place.

The career page is the gateway to the corporate world and guarantees a smooth start for the candidates. The system behind it ensures that the promises made so far can be fulfilled.

4. The Funnel: More visitors on the Career Page – more candidates

When the foundation, structure and processes are in place, action can be taken to bring more visitors to the career page. This is a numbers game: the better the channels and messages have been chosen in the communication strategy, the more likely it is that more suitable candidates will find their way to the career page – and feel in good hands from the first touchpoint.

The maximum Candidate Experience can only be achieved when all steps are attuned to each other. Even if the career page is the linchpin – all alone and detached from the rest it will not be able to fill important positions.

By the way, the career page also plays an important role in active recruitment activities such as active sourcing, as most candidates get a first impression of the company here.

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